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In 2004, Seoul was reported to have one of the highest housing prices among big cities, ahead of New York and behind Tokyo. Although it is more economical to live in a student dormitory, the dormitories cannot house all of the students. As a result, international students, excluding exchange students, often need to find accommodation off-campus.
SNU has three main neighborhoods: around Seoul National University Subway Station, Sillimdong (Nokdue Street), and Nakseongdae Subway Station. Below is a comparison of the three areas :
  SNU Subway Station Sillimdong (Nokdue Street) Nakseongdae Subway Station
Conveniently located by Subway Line 2 and various buses to points of interest in Seoul
Free shuttle bus to SNU
Many choices in terms of restaurants.
Quiet environment, particularly in Sillim 2 dong
Shuttle bus available, or 10 minutes walk from the SNU main gate
Many restaurants and pubs open late at night
Rent can be cheaper if you don't mind climbing a moderate hill
Quiet residential area
Convenient transportation
Newly erected apartments
Couple of nearby sports centers
The most expensive
You may have to walk past a block of love-hotels to get home
Students need to take a bus to get to a subway station
Sillim 9 dong is known as a residence block for those who are preparing for the State Examinations, and is thus crowded.
No shuttle bus. Instead students commute to SNU by regional bus No. 3 (fare 450 won)
On foot it takes 30 minutes from the station to SNU, with an upward slope
Although using a real estate agency can be more convenient, expect to pay 0.3%~0.5% of the "key money" (around 100,000 won for a single room), as a finders-fee.
iconBoarding House (Hasuk)
Hasuk is a boarding house, where the house owner provides you a room, breakfast and supper, and does your laundry as well. For international students, a hasuk may provide chances to taste Korean culture up close and to make lasting friendships with other students. Bathrooms are shared. Payment is monthly (Wolseh), about 400,000 won, with utilities typically being included.
iconSleep-only rooms
The house owner rents rooms to students without providing any further services. Generally, students share a bathroom. Payment is monthly (Wolseh), usually 200,000~300,000 won. You will want to verify whether utilities are included or not.
iconStudio (One-Room)
Generally furnished, a studio is the favorite type of accommodation for most students. More and more studios are being built around SNU. Though it is the most expensive, the price varies according to the size, location and options such as air-conditioning and washing machines. Payment is based on a yearly security deposit called key money (Jeonseh) with prices between 30 million to 50 million won for an average studio.
Key money usually does not include utilities but is returned at the end of the residence period. The idea behind this payment method is that the landlord can place the key money into a savings account and earn the interest. Since key money requires a large sum of money upfront, you may be able to negotiate a payment method which combines key money (Jeonseh) and monthly rent (Wolseh). For example, 40 million won key money with no monthly payment is equal to 10 million won key money with a 300,000 won monthly payment.
iconYouth Hostels
You also have the option of staying at youth hostels. However, over the past few years, international students have complained about various inconveniences and strongly recommended against living in youth hostels.
iconTips on Off-Campus Housing
iconMore Information on Housing
Notice boards: You can find notices of rooms for rent on the bulletin boards or on the walls
Online: the SNU online bulletin board offers some information about rentals
Student club's homepage : (www.snulife.com)
Real-estate agencies (budongsan): comprehensive information on studios
Word of mouth: Ask other students who live off campus. They may be aware of a vacancy and be able to give you practical recommendations.
iconRegulations for Renting
The Protective Law also applies to foreign residents. If you make a contract, register your new address (guh-joo-ji-e-jun-shin-go) in the town-block office (dongsamuso). Bring the contract and your Alien Registration Card and inform them of the date you moved in.
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